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Gotta Sing!

Singing warms the soul, energizes the body and refreshes the mind.

Singing is play, blessing and healing.

Singing touches our deepest yearning to give voice to the spirit within.

Gotta Sing!

Ieva Wool is a gentle and light-hearted conductor and singing teacher with a passion for having fun and building community. She had her first piano lesson at the age of seven, but started conducting when she was five, helping her mother’s singing career whenever she could sneak on stage.
(In case you are not Latvian, Ieva is pronounced ee’-eh-va.)

Gotta Have Fun!

Ieva’s singers learn a lot, and have fun doing it. Her concerts are heart-warming and memorable events that touch the heart and make the spirit soar. She loves to share the grace and beauty that emerge when we sing together.

Gotta Have Skill!

Ieva brings 25 years of experience as a trainer, group facilitator and gestalt therapist to her choirs and students. She has been conducting since 1993, and has offered singing lessons since 1998. Ieva continues to study conducting at workshops and seminars in BC and Oregon, and trains her own voice whenever she can get a lesson. In 1999, she won the “Be Your Own Boss” Entrepreneur of the Year award for small business. >click here for an article about Ieva entitled “For the Love of Music!”


Mark Your Calendar

Fall Season:

During the pandemic, we’ve had hybrid and zoom only rehearsals.
We’re hoping it will be safe to resume in-person rehearsals in September 2001

Starting dates, to be confirmed

Simple Gifts Choir: Sept 14

High Spirits Choir: Sept 15

Afternoon Delight: Sept 16

Come and enjoy our concerts:

High Spirits and Simple Gifts hope to have concerts at the end of January. Dates TBA

Consider the Gift of Music

Gift Certificates are available for voice lessons or choirs


All musical people seem to be happy; it is to them the engrossing pursuit, almost the only innocent and unpunished passion. – Sydney Smith

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