Voice Lessons

Experience the joy of having a stronger, more beautiful and resonant voice. Whatever your age or musical experience, you can have the deep satisfaction of singing well. Your confidence will grow along with your voice, as you apply what you learn in exercises and songs. You are welcome to try a lesson and see how you like it.

I structure the lessons so that about half is spent developing your voice: strength, agility and a richer sound. Learning to use your breath is a big part of that; the way you hold your body also has an effect on your voice. Then the rest is for songs. I encourage singers to try a variety of styles, though some kinds of songs are more helpful for your vocal training than others. We record exercises and songs so you can practice on your own.

My specialty is building the voice. But I also enjoy working with individuals or groups to:

  • correct habits that keep singers from their best voice
  • help choral groups add polish and develop a better sound
  • coach new teachers in vocal pedagogy

Voice lessons are 1 hour, 3/4 hour or 1/2 hour, depending on your time, budget and personal goals. Usually I recommend that you start with a one-hour lesson, in which we can find out what’s happening with your voice and get you started on the basics. After that, most beginning students will have a 3/4 hour or 1/2 hour lesson per week.

Mark Your Calendar

Spring Season starts:

Simple Gifts Choir: Feb 13

High Spirits Choir: Feb 14

Afternoon Delight: Feb 15
**new time, 12:45 - 2:45 **

 Come to our concerts:

High Spirits Sunday Jan 28, 3:30
St Philip's Church, 3737 W. 27th

Simple Gifts Sunday Jan 21, 3:30
Holy Cross Church, 4580 Walden

 Consider the Gift of Music
Gift Certificates are available for voice lessons or choirs

“From the first lesson my fear dissipated. You were incredibly warm and supportive. Every lesson since has been the same. I leave each session feeling inspired and full of joy…”

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